Hypospadias Repair

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Hypospadias Repair

Hypospadias is a congenital problem which is due to deficient formation of urinary tube or urethra in children. It results in the outlet or meatus of urine resulting in a more proximal or upfront location than usual. The urine in such situation passes from the undersurface of the penis. This position may vary from just the undertip of the meatus to undersurface of the penis to the midline of scrotum and the base of scrotum. The more upfront the position of the urine outlet, the more severe the disease. Along with foreshortening of urethra, there is associated curvature of the penis during erect state. This erect state may bend the penis sufficiently to prevent a successful sexual intercourse when the child is sexually active.

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Hypospadias Repair

The treatment should ideally be done at an early age ideally anytime after 6 months. The treatment is done early so as to prevent psychological impairment due to non  projectile  urinary stream and surgery with dressing.

The surgery for milder forms is single staged and entails minimal admission and dressing. But more severe form may entail staged procedures to correct curvature and urethra( Urethroplasty) as well as Glans ( Glanuloplasty).


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