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Prostate Cancer Care


The prostate is a small gland present in the lower abdomen of men, under the bladder. It surrounds the urethra. The gland is regulated by testosterone and it is here when semen is produced. Prostate Cancer is cancer in the prostate, and it happens when the cells in the region become abnormal and begin to multiply at a very fast rate. In simple words, when a malignant tumor forms in the prostate, it is called prostate cancer.

It is a very serious disease that affects middle-aged men or older (typically above 65 years of age).  While prostate cancer does not develop and spread rapidly, it can travel to the lymph nodes and seminal vesicles upon spreading. This is one of the major reasons why it takes a long time for the growth of prostate cancer to become detectable. To remain on the safer side, it is advised to regularly consult a Prostate Cancer Specialist in Delhi. 

Prostate Cancer care involves the early diagnosis, treatment of early stage diseases. This involves adequate counseling and guidance to the patients. The support required to the patients involves staging, guiding optimum treatment outline that is surgery or radiotherapy or just follow up or surveillance.

Also, important is timely rehabilitation following the surgery or radiation. This is in terms of side effects, surgical recovery of urinary control and erection, and efforts at augmenting them. This may involve the early institution of PDE5 Inhibitors for Penile Rehabilitation.

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What are the causes of Prostate Cancer?

According to the top Prostate Cancer Treatment Doctor in Delhi, while this type of cancer is very common, the causes for the same remain quite uncertain. However, one of the main causes of prostate cancer is a change in glandular cells. Additionally, obesity, smoking and high consumption of calcium are also some factors that contribute to the development of prostate cancer. Therefore, if you are worried that you may have prostate cancer or may be at risk of the same, it is best to consult the Urologist Specialist.

What are the symptoms of Prostate Cancer?

One of the best ways to get a successful Prostate Cancer Treatment is to detect it early. Therefore, it is important that one knows the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer which can help in its early detection. While it is true that you may not experience any symptoms when the cancer cells first start to appear, there are some signs that can help you determine whether something is wrong. According to the Prostate Cancer Specialist  some of the main symptoms of prostate cancer are as follows:

  1. Blood in urine
  2. Blood in semen
  3. Painful ejaculation
  4. Erectile dysfunction
  5. Decreased fluid during ejaculation
  6. Inability to urinate or a weakened urine flow
  7. Frequent urination (especially during the night)
  8. Pain or burning sensation during urination
  9. Pain or pressure in the rectum
  10. Pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, upper thighs or pelvis region 

If you are experiencing one or more of the abovementioned symptoms, it is best to get a prostate examination done by a Prostate Cancer Treatment Doctor in Delhi.

How to Treat Prostate Cancer?

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Delhi differs from patient to patient and is designed according to the stage the cancer is in, along with the additional symptoms that the patient might be experiencing. In addition to the diagnosis, laboratory work, blood tests and physical examination, some of the ways to treat this cancer, as recommended by the top Prostate Cancer Treatment Doctor in Delhi include the following treatment methods:

  • Laser Therapy:
    This is usually done when the prostate gets enlarged thereby causing a blockage during urination. The laser vaporizes the obstruction, which helps the patient to urinate on their own.
  • Hormone Therapy:
    Prostate cancer is sensitive to hormones, meaning that it gets stimulated by testosterone. Therefore, to suppress this cancer, oncologists also try to suppress the testosterone levels in the patient. In hormone therapy, the patient gets hormone injections which help to control the secretion of testosterone, thereby suppressing cancer.
  • Robotic Surgery:
    In most cases when cancer remains localized to the prostate gland, prostate cancer specialists also conduct a robotic surgery to remove the entire gland to determine the further course of treatment.
  • Radiation:
    This is one of the primary treatment methods for treating prostate cancer. This is where X-rays are used to kill the cancer cells in the prostate.
  • Chemotherapy:
    This is another type of primary treatment to treat prostate cancer, where one or more anti-cancer drugs are used together to reduce cancer and its symptoms.
  • To get the best treatment for prostate cancer, it is recommended to consult a Prostate Cancer Treatment Doctor in Delhi, who will not only diagnose the symptoms of cancer but also help to curate an individualized treatment plan for it.

Why Choose Dr Vikram Shah Batra for Prostate Cancer Treatment?

Dr Vikram Shah Batra is the best prostate cancer treatment doctor in Delhi, who has over 10 years of experience in treating the disease. In addition to a well-equipped clinic, he also has a team of experts and specialists in prostate cancer treatment. He ensures that his treatments provide his patients with the best results. Furthermore, Dr Shah and his clinic offer comprehensive care (pre-and post-surgery) for all stages of prostate cancer, making him the Prostate Cancer Specialist.

Treatment Options Available For Prostate Cancer at The Urethra Clinic:-

Prostate cancer is a disease that requires early diagnosis, treatment as well as aftercare. At The Urethra Clinic, the treatment options available for prostate cancer are done in the following stages:


  • Staging of the cancer


  • Surgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Chemotherapy


  • Follow up care
  • Surgical recovery
  • Penile rehabilitation
  • Counselling

Dr Vikram Shah Batra – The Best Doctor for Prostate Cancer in Delhi NCR

Dr Vikram Shah Batra is considered one of the best doctors for prostate cancer in Delhi NCR. He has over 17 years of experience in the urology department and is a surgical oncologist in Delhi. Being a prostate cancer doctor in Delhi NCR, among his other degrees, he works as a senior consultant (surgical oncology), BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi, India. He has, in the past, worked as a consultant reconstructive urologist at various institutes like Medanta – The Medicity, Gurgaon. Currently, he is performing as a consultant, urology, and reconstructive surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Apart from volunteering internationally at various organizations, he is also linked with many non-profit organizations. Dr. Vikram Shah Batra’s specialty is as the female genitourinary surgeon and reconstructive urology surgeon. He treats prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and renal transplant very effectively. He has received his education from Maulana Azad Medical College, Dr. RML Hospital, and PGIMER, SMS medical college. Hence, he is considered the best doctor for prostate cancer in Delhi NCR.

Why is it important to consult the best doctor for prostate cancer in Delhi NCR, India?

Seminal fluid in a man is produced by the prostate gland. Cancer in the prostate may sometimes not include any symptoms but the patient may experience pain in the bones, pain during urination, leaking of the urine or weak urine stream. Blood or semen might also be present in the urine and the patient may experience painful ejaculation. Cancer is caused when there is a change in the cell genetically. In prostate cancer, the cells continue to grow and divide rapidly and invade the surrounding tissues. A tumour is formed and metastasis may occur in the later stages. Prostate cancer is very common above the age of 50 and can be hereditary. For people with a history of breast cancer in their family or their family members carrying the genes of breast cancer (BRCA1 or BRCA2) are at a risk for developing prostate cancer.

It is very important to consult the best doctor for prostate cancer treatment as the sooner the proper diagnosis is done, there is the chance of cancer to be cured. Everyone desires a disease-free life. As Delhi has a huge availability of surgical specialists and infrastructure,it is considered as one of the best cities in India for prostate cancer treatment. Here, the doctors have vast experience and the patients can talk to them without hesitation. The best doctor for prostate cancer in Delhi NCR and other places will recommend the following ways to treat prostate cancer:

  • Observation and active surveillance
  • Surgery
  • Radiation
  • Cryotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Treatment for the prostate cancer that has spread to the bones

Prostate cancer doctors in Delhi NCR are some of the best who are very efficient in treating the disease. So consult Dr Vikram Shah Batra, a renowned person for the treatment of prostate cancer.

What is The Cost of Prostate Cancer Treatment in Delhi?

The cost of Prostate Cancer Treatment in Delhi depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Location of the clinic
  • Experience, skills, accreditation and credentials of the surgeon
  • Fees of the surgeon
  • Fees of the surgeon’s team
  • Cost of anaesthesia
  • Cost of medication
  • Patient’s condition
  • The overall health of the patient
  • Stage of the cancer

Ideally, a treatment for prostate cancer in Delhi may range from INR 4,50,000 [1] to INR 17,00,000 [2]. This depends on the treatment plans, additional therapies, medical evaluation and other costs that are a part of the entire treatment.

Also, treatment involves the management of metastatic cancer prostate which is managed by hormonal therapy. The treatment of widespread disease involves hormonal therapy followed by Chemotherapy when it fails and a graduated stepwise escalation to targeted newer analogues available recently. Also, important concomitantly is Bone preservation modalities as it is bone and spine to which the disease is most widely involved.

Holistic therapy is what is required for Cancer Prostate management.

The best Prostate Cancer Treatment in Delhi is available owing to a large number of surgical specialists and the necessary infrastructure. Strong teams and extensive experience are needed for prostate cancer treatment. Some people might need to be treated for several years with medications. Ineffective frontline therapy can cause a disease relapse that is challenging to treat. 

Personalized treatment, genetic diagnostics, and a phenomenal influx of new medications have emerged. 

Consult the top prostate surgeon in Delhi for prostate cancer therapy if you have been diagnosed with the disease.

When you choose the Best doctor for prostate cancer you are giving yourself the best chance of successful treatment. In the current times, there are several treatment options available at every stage for prostate cancer. A certified medical oncologist can help you obtain cost-effective treatment.

The best prostate surgeon must not have years of experience in successfully treating patients but also offer all spectrums of prostate cancer treatment modalities.

Equipped with technology such as Davinci Robotic surgery and all the equipment for radiotherapy for prostate Cancer, any of these places is considered the best hospital for prostate treatment in Delhi.

The best prostate cancer hospitals typically have a team of Uro-oncologists, radiation specialists, and medical oncologists for providing comprehensive care for all stages of cancer.

The best thing for you, If you think you have prostate cancer or have a diagnosis of this cancer, is to get the Best Prostate Cancer Treatment in Delhi from an experienced prostate cancer treatment specialist.

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