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03 Sep 2018

Male Health : Is India ready

Oftentimes we referre to a journal in our house and we are referred to series of articles on women health issues including screening for various cancers, treatment for osteoporosis and hormone replacement therapy. Though it was due to the increased awareness and tretamenr guidelines and scientific research that people...

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23 Feb 2018

Urological Oncology – Treatments and FAQs

Urological Oncology is one of the fields of medicine that has seen the evolution of the medicine as a whole. It has varied from application of Laparoscopy, minimally invasive techniques to the field and now Robot-assisted procedures. This foray has been supplanted by the inclusion of many newer and...

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Urethral Stricture Surgery
29 Jun 2017

Controversies in management of Pelvic Fracture Urethral Injuries

INTRODUCTION Pelvic fracture associated urethral injury (PFUI) is sequelae of blunt pelvic trauma. The published rate of urethral injury varies from 5-25% in different series.1 This is associated with superior displacement of bladder and prostatic urethra. Management includes options from primary realignment to delayed anastomotic urethroplasty.2 Steps of surgery...

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Peyronies Disease
12 May 2017

Peyronies Disease

Peyronies disease is one of the common, inconvenient diseases that has been compromising male sexual health since long time. The disease is characterized by a formation of a calcific plaque at the base of the penis on the dorsal side or Upper side. Often the involvement is circumferential in...

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